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Gary Smith – England Coach

This is one of the best training aids I’ve seen in a long time, it’s simple in its concept yet can be used for overcoming several common swing faults.

It’s also a good aid for improving your golf fitness & core stability. Over all this is a very versatile training aid & can be used by golfers all levels & ages, from beginners just starting out to tour professionals.

“I would recommend it.”
Gary Smith (England Coach and Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach) 

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Dean Halford

I have been using the MySP golf training aid at my academies now for some time & found it an amazing piece of equipment for golfers of all ages & levels.

It is so many multi-uses for long game, short game, warm up & now putting, it truly is something I can easily recommend.

Beverly Huke, Professional Golf Coach
The MySP Golf training Aid can help you to:


  • Stretch out your left (front) arm in the backswing and creating the correct tension between your hips and your shoulders.
  • Helps co-ordinate your arms with your body into impact.
  • Helps co-ordinate your arms with your body into impact.



US golf company Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

“the leaders in elite player development”
Dr. Neal and the Golf BioDynamics Team at Doral as well as by instructors at the Jim Mclean Golf School.

The SPB is a training aid that deserves its place in the golf market.

Our initial impressions of the device were very positive. It is packaged well and the build quality is of a high standard. The sizing chart on the front of the package is very helpful and the format of the front cover is very easy to navigate and understand.

The MySP Golf Swing training Aid is a great tool for someone who lacks width on the backswing by bending the left arm (for a right handed golfer). The resistance of the bands does assist the student to feel the push of the arms and hands away from the body increasing the arm width to produce a better backswing position.

The other potential use for the device which we found was as a pitching aid for players who don’t utilise their body effectively when hitting pitch shots. Over use of the arms and hands makes pitching extremely difficult when trying to maintain consistency in ball striking, ball trajectory and distance control. Using the black bands, we placed one on both the left and right wrist and attached them to the central clips on the belt. This made it very difficult to swing the club without the body rotating at the same time.

Finally we thought that the training aid was a good device to demonstrate to a student the ‘feeling’ of connection between the arms and the body as well as to explain the relationship that they have when making smaller swings and hitting more precise shots.


Rob Watts, PGA Level 3 Coach

Head professional Castle Royal Golf & Country Club County Coach
Corrective High Performance Holistic Exercise  Specialist
I have been using the MySP training aid in my coaching and bio mechanics fitness studio and I have found it a great training tool for golfers of all abilities and ages from beginners to professionals.

I’ve found its helped my clients create more feel for what position they should be at the end of their backswing and it virtually eliminates the tendency to overswing. Due to the improvement in the backswing they are able to generate much more club head speed which soon translates to hitting further.

I would recommend it to all pro coaches as a must have in their training bag to assist in their lessons or to recommend to clients.


Lawrence Farmer

Head Pro, Moor Park
I like this device, I can feel the benefits it can have on golfers of all abilities & will be using it within my lessons to see the improvements it can make to a players swing.


Greg Brodie

Pineridge Golf Pro
MySP promotes ‘width’ in the backswing. Many golfers for a number of technical reasons get very ‘long’ and ‘narrow’ at the top of the swing. The result is a narrow swing arc in the downswing or club head ‘throw away’. All of which causes a myriad of poor shots.

The MySP for Golf helps the golfer to put the club on the correct plane on the way down. Promotes ‘connection’ through the shot. It can be used to train the synergistic golfing muscles and the opposing side of the body which will promote greater length due to the bodies ability to slow the club down more effectively.

The MySP can be used for a multitude of physical exercises, postural corrective work and as an effective ‘circuit breaker.’


Andy Henderson

UK Pro working in Poland
I used the My Sport Performance device on a student of mine for 2 weeks & his course round dropped dramatically from 117 to just 94. I am keen to see what else it can do.


Carl Watts

MySP Golf makes it easy to bring over a sensation, it gives feedback and allows clear productive repetition and MORE.  It has helped Carl Watts improve the sequencing of the arms and body of players he coaches, improving consistency and distance. I would recommend this training aid whether you have time to practice at the club or driving range or if you only get to grab a few minutes indoors at home or in the garden.

Carl has 25 years of competitive and coaching experience; he competed on the European Tour between 1994-2001 with a career high world ranking of 200, he is a PGA member and is the resident teaching professional at Mannings Heath GC in Sussex. Carl has set up The Carl Watts Youth Academy, runs 1 on 1 Tuition Breaks, runs The Brighton College Golf Academy and is the Mannings Heath junior organiser.

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