Scott Gregory “It’s The Best Training Aid I’ve Ever Used”

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“I wouldn’t imagine going to a tournament without it”

Scott Gregory

It’s The Best training Aid I’ve Ever Used

In November of 2013 an 18 year old amateur named Scott Gregory came very close to qualifying for the Open.


Watch the video to hear what young Scott Gregory makes of the MySP Golf swing training aid.


“I found basically my pitching, it’s exceptional what it gets you to do, it gets the club working nicely with your arms synchronised. You can turn through the ball a lot better. It brings the flight down a little bit, a little bit more pacey like Woods plays shots, it comes out a little bit lower, a little bit more spinny. Just a hell of a lot more control on the ball.”

Scott Gregory “MySP helps you play shots more like those you see Woods play!”

Scott is definitely one to watch for the future.

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