Long Drivers

The MySP “Big Five”

Every golfer wants to hit the perfect drive, with the maximum distance reached.

This section will focus on specific tips, drills and fitness using the MySP to help you improve your head speed your club head speed and drive distance.

Follow our Big Five, if you have any questions for them about improving your game using MySP-Golf, leave your details below.

Long Drivers


TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor
Qualified for the ReMax world long drive championship in Mesquite Nevada as of today – 13th July 2013




Eric Lunt is a Professional Long Driver from Berlin, CT.

Eric only recently started pursuing competitive Long Drive dream in the summer of 2012, when he was recording ball speeds  of over 200mph with his normal driver. Eric is also a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor through the TPI  Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Eric also has a Science degree in Athletic Training Sports Medicine and currently works as a Physiotherapist.

Dan Konyk

Class A professional

Best distance is 448yds at the Swedish Open in 2009,
Best at World Champs is 428yds.
Best in practice is 479yds


I turned Pro in 1999, realised I sucked at putting and entered the UK Longdrive Championship for a laugh on my day off – I won it and it went from there. I’ve won that twice and have 9 European Tour wins plus 2 wins on the lda tour in Vegas , 2 European 2nd places.

Dan is also a PGA pro & runs his own driving range where he uses the MySP Golf in his lessons.

Karl Woodward

KARL held 8 Guinness World Records for the longest driver in the world the best being 408yrds in 1994 for over 10yrs.

Karl now plays on the seniors tour & started using the MySP Golf training aid in March 2013 when due to bad weather he couldn’t get to practice, Karl says “being able to use the MySP Golf in my own home has been amazing it has helped me regain over 15 mph ball speed.

Kathryn Massey

Kathryn was the European Ladies Long drive Champion & a Remax World Finalist in 2004. Kathryn returned to competition Golf during 2012 & has been using the MySP to help in her training.

Matt Small




The difference between an average golfer and a very good golfer is fitness. The fitter you are the better your golf will be.


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