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Scott Gregory “It’s The Best Training Aid I’ve Ever Used”

POSTED ON January 24th  - POSTED IN Blog, Golf Pro Users, Golf Swing Tips

“I wouldn’t imagine going to a tournament without it”

Scott Gregory

It’s The Best training Aid I’ve Ever Used

In November of 2013 an 18 year old amateur named Scott Gregory came very close to qualifying for the Open.


Watch the video to hear what young Scott Gregory makes of the MySP Golf swing training aid.


“I found basically my pitching, it’s exceptional what it gets you to do, it gets the club working nicely with your arms synchronised. You can turn through the ball a lot better. It brings the flight down a little bit, a little bit more pacey like Woods plays shots, it comes out a little bit lower, a little bit more spinny. Just a hell of a lot more control on the ball.”

Scott Gregory “MySP helps you play shots more like those you see Woods play!”

Scott is definitely one to watch for the future.

Dean Halford shows you how to generate back spin like the pros.

POSTED ON October 6th  - POSTED IN Blog, Golf Pro Users, Golf Swing Tips

Dean Halford, who demonstrates the MySP tutorial , The Online Golf Coach, talks us through the some of principles that are required to give you best chance of creating back spin on the Golf Shack website.

Dean Halford, The Online Golf Coach, is a PGA Advanced Pro who has worked on the European Tour and currently runs the London Golf Academy and was Head Coach of the Lee Westwood Academy.

Gary Smith’s Game Changer Tip # 14 – If you work hard you don’t have to hit hard – practise using the MySP Training Aid.

POSTED ON July 13th  - POSTED IN Blog, Golf Swing Tips

This is one of my favourite sayings because so many people produce a collapsed backswing that’s too comfortable, lacks arc width and leads to huge inconsistency.   Feel that your body is coiling patiently and powerfully on top of your legs towards an uncomfortable spring-like position at the top.   Maintain the arm width and together with an adequate wrist cock, around 90 degrees between forearm and shaft, will not only maintain the arc width potential but produce loads of stored energy to uncoil the body and release the clubhead.   The strike should be reactionary to the coil and NOT require great physical strength, but a simple uncoiling of the upper body and hand and forearm release of clubhead ie effortless power.

The MySp Training Aid will help achieve the correct and more powerful backswing position and give you more consistency in your driving.

Buy one by going to this link:

Many thanks to Gary Smith AFPGA Golf Professional –

Gary Smith’s Game Changer Tip # 13 – Wedge Up Your Game!

POSTED ON July 11th  - POSTED IN Blog, Golf Swing Tips

The US Open  – June 2013 – and at the very tight, heavily roughed, cleverly bunkered Merion course in Pennsylvania the person who will win is the one who can keep the ball in play off the tee but as importantly, get up and down from around the green.

The current leader after one round was, Phil Mickelson (2nd (+3), carrying 5, yes 5 wedges and has taken out his driver.   Is this a lesson you could take on board for your game?

Gary’s advice is carry a minimum of 3 wedges but consider introducing more scoring clubs and less long distance clubs if you want to lower your scores.   Allow 4 degrees between each club but maximum 5 if you’re carrying only 3 wedges.

See wedge spec

reproduced by kind permission of Gary Smith AFPGA Golf Professional –

Gary Smith’s Game Changer Tip # 12 – Are You unfulfilled with your game?

POSTED ON July 9th  - POSTED IN Blog, Golf Swing Tips

YOU ARE? Then consider the following – “Be Proactive and find a COACH NOT a Teacher”  Ensure that they have experience, a proven track record and/or come recommended by someone you trust.

Arrange a “GET TO KNOW” session and check to see if they:

Initially LISTEN more than they TALK

Promise UNREALISTIC outcomes

Ask for info on you PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS and PAST/CURRENT injuries

OFFER you an ONLINE support facility


Ask you to sign up to MASS OVERKILL sessions

If you are satisifed with all of the above then COMMIT to the PROCESS, BE DEMANDING (but realistic) of your COACH and YOURSELF and ENJOY THE JOURNEY to BETTER SCORES and a LOWER HANDICAP!

Gary Smith’s Game Changing Tip #10 – Stand CLOSED for a Great Short Game

POSTED ON March 20th  - POSTED IN Golf Swing Tips

This latest tip from Gary Smith will give you everything you need for a great short game performance – better posture, positive right hand delivery and focused body turn into the target.

There a so many problems associated with standing open, with your hands ahead of the ball when close to the green.

  1. These include:
  2. poor posture
  3. leading edge digging in
  4. grip driving at impact, causing a lack of control
  5. wrong shoulder movement,(up and left of target)
  6. a defensive negative approach to the shot etc,etc.

Try standing at, or slightly right of target,70% of weight on the front foot with your hands directly over the clubhead and the ball opposite the left heel .

This promotes a better posture , positive right hand delivery, and target focused body turn into the target – everything you need for great short game performance.

Reproduced courtesy of Gary Smith AFPGA Golf Professional –

Gary Smith’s Game Changer Tip #9 – How balanced are you to make that powerful yet controlled golf swing?

POSTED ON March 10th  - POSTED IN Golf Swing Tips

If you are about to make a powerful yet controlled golf swing, and you also want consistency you HAVE to coil from a strong athletic and stable posture.

To check if YOU have the ideal set-up take your stance and JUMP vertically up and you should land in perfect balance!


Reproduced courtesy of Gary Smith AFPGA Golf Professional –




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