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Read what everyone is saying about MySP Golf on Twitter

POSTED ON June 19th  - POSTED IN Blog

See what Disabled golfer Darren Grey , Vince Hizon and our May Twitter winner Paul Howard  have to say about MySP Golf.  Karl Woodward thinks the MySP Golf and one other training aid are the the only ones that truly work.

Darren Grey is a one armed World champion golfer from Darlington and now the Disability Ambassador for Durham county. The MySP Golf really works for disabled golfers, as Andy Gardiner – the first amputee golfer to turn pro – promotes.

Update from Gerry in Barbados

POSTED ON June 7th  - POSTED IN Blog

It has been busy couple of weeks for Gerry.  Highlights include: visiting the Barbados Golf Club and working with Pro Andrew Lynch, meeting cricketer and golf pro Franklyn Stephenson at Sandy Lane Golf Club and helping with his junior golfing session using the MySP Golf. Ape’s Hill Pro Ben Hatch was impressed with the MySP Golf. Gerry was fascinated with the work of Dr Joe LeCaze, he thinks he will revolutionise the world of rotational exercise.

Some other photos on Twitter include:  Young National player Donald Leacock finds the MySP Golf great for his training.   2 British Airways pilots purchasing a MySP Golf.  Plus several of Gerry enjoying the sun!

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