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Karl Woodward, Guiness Book of Records Longest Drive Record Holder, tweets about MySP Golf

POSTED ON March 26th  - POSTED IN Blog

Karl is delighted with his MySP Golf as he has gains an extra 7mph swing speed, which he is pleased with as he has only been using the MySP Golf for a few days and indoors.

Watch some rare footage of Karl achieving his world record in 1999 on You Tube

Karl is the 8x record holder of the Guiness Book of Records Longest Drive at 408 yards and a tour player.

Gary Smith’s Game Changing Tip #10 – Stand CLOSED for a Great Short Game

POSTED ON March 20th  - POSTED IN Golf Swing Tips

This latest tip from Gary Smith will give you everything you need for a great short game performance – better posture, positive right hand delivery and focused body turn into the target.

There a so many problems associated with standing open, with your hands ahead of the ball when close to the green.

  1. These include:
  2. poor posture
  3. leading edge digging in
  4. grip driving at impact, causing a lack of control
  5. wrong shoulder movement,(up and left of target)
  6. a defensive negative approach to the shot etc,etc.

Try standing at, or slightly right of target,70% of weight on the front foot with your hands directly over the clubhead and the ball opposite the left heel .

This promotes a better posture , positive right hand delivery, and target focused body turn into the target – everything you need for great short game performance.

Reproduced courtesy of Gary Smith AFPGA Golf Professional –

Dean Halford PGA Advanced Professional and Head Coach at the London Gold Academy – reviews the Multi-functional MySP

POSTED ON March 16th  - POSTED IN Blog

Dean says,”The MySP Golf multi-functional system is flexible and helps with more common faults of the good for players of all levels..and more than anything gets players in the right postion, developing consistency”

Listen to Dean’s comments:


Dean is PGA Advanced Professional and Head Coach at London Golf Academy at Mill Hill School


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