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Read what Carl Watts PGA Pro and former European Tour Professional says about the MySP Golf!

POSTED ON February 20th  - POSTED IN Blog

MySP Golf makes it easy to bring over a sensation, it gives feedback and allows clear productive repetition and MORE.  It has helped Carl Watts improve the sequencing of the arms and body of players he coaches, improving consistency and distance. I would recommend this training aid whether you have time to practice at the club or driving range or if you only get to grab a few minutes indoors at home or in the garden.

Carl has 25 years of competitive and coaching experience; he competed on the European Tour between 1994-2001 with a career high world ranking of 200, he is a PGA member and is the resident teaching professional at Mannings Heath GC in Sussex. Carl has set up The Carl Watts Youth Academy, runs 1 on 1 Tuition Breaks, runs The Brighton College Golf Academy and is the Mannings Heath junior organiser.



Gary Smith’s Game Changer Tip #8 – Compacted sand – No Problem!

POSTED ON February 14th  - POSTED IN Golf Swing Tips


I bet your course, if playable, is saturated and the bunkers have taken a hammering. With compacted, wet sand make these changes and you’ll pop out beautifully every time!

Stand taller and more over the ball with your weight on the left ball of the foot, almost toppling over on to the toes. This allows your hands to drop more vertically underneath you.

You can now set the club up with an early wrist cock, steeper in the backswing.

From here allow the right hand to deliver the bounce directly behind the ball, with a positive, aggressive release and body rotation into the finish.

Job done!

Reproduced Courtesy of Gary Smith AFPGA Golf Professional –

Eric Lunt – Remax World Long Drive Hopeful – endorses MySP!

POSTED ON February 9th  - POSTED IN Blog

At the PGA Show in Orlando Eric Lunt was extremely impressed with the MySP – see post on 26th January.  He was so impressed that he is now proudly promoting this brilliant product on his golf bag and using it develop power and consistency.

As Andy Gardiner says “if the Mysp can improve the power, consistency and dispersion of a top golfer like Eric then for the average club golfer, who struggles to deliver the club on a consistent plane and strike, the results will be stunning”


Eric Lunt’s new bag proudly promoting MySP Golf





Gary Smith’s Game Changer Tip #7 – Putt like never before!

POSTED ON February 1st  - POSTED IN Golf Swing Tips


When looking down the line check to see if  your forearms are in-line wth the shaft or do you stand with your hands too low at address?

This can cause a wristy action and likely poor control and inconsistancy with your stroke.

The photo left allows my shoulders to be in charge and so a far more solid and reliable action.






Reproduced Courtesy of Gary Smith AFPGA Golf Professional –

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