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Gary Smith’s Game Changer Tip #6 – Pressure on-course practice

POSTED ON January 29th  - POSTED IN Golf Swing Tips

Next time you have a chance to play 9 holes and are up for trying something different then give this great on course challenge a go.

This test is designed to focus your game not on your score but on a DISCIPLINED APPROACH TO COURSE MANAGEMENT and SOLID TEE TO GREEN PLAY AND PUTTING. As England technical coach for 14 years this test was used regularly with the England Elite Squad.

So if you can keep the ball on the short grass and own an effective short game then your performance, like world class player and former Elite Squad member JUSTIN ROSE can reach new heights as well !!



Reproduced Courtesy of Gary Smith AFPGA Golf Professional –




Gary Smith’s Game Changer Tip #5 – Up and Down From Off the Green

POSTED ON January 27th  - POSTED IN Golf Swing Tips

I love using my lob wedge and 56 degree around the green, but I also understand that to make this part of the game simple, and effective, I also use all the clubs in the bag, except driver and 3 iron.

Don’t be one dimensional because with every situation around the green, there’s a club in your ‘tool kit’ that gets the job done more effectively than another.

Take a look at short game specialist European Tour multi winner, Brett Rumford, to get his take around the green. NOTICE HIS LINEAR APPROACH SET UP!!

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reproduced courtesy of Gary Smith AFPGA Golf Professional –


Orlando – Day 1 – WOW!!

POSTED ON January 26th  - POSTED IN Blog

WOW,   What an experience the Trade show is.  After arriving early on Monday and getting to the hotel for some much needed rest and recuperation from the flight over, before we knew it it was Tuesday morning and time for the mysp team consisting of Gerry Crawford ( Product Inventor and developer ) , Tim Bell ( Managing Director ) and Andy Gardiner ( Amputee Golf Professional )   to be let loose in the orange county convention centre and get our booth set up, ready for action.  The convention centre is an awesome venue for this kind of show with just the right amount grandure and splendour to do the PGA justice. the excitement of getting the show underway and demonstrating the Mysp swing trainer was building. What a great place to showcase a great product.  But before we would have a chance to show the convention centre the benefits of the Mysp, we had one more thing to look forward to…….


The PGA new equipment Demo day !!  


This was held at the orange county National golf course and it was indeed a fitting venue to demonstrate the new technology available this coming season. The mysp team were fortunate enough to be able to demonstrate our great product at the demo day too !! 


And demo it we did indeed .   The reaction from everyone who tried it was WOW,  can I get one ?!    For the first part of the day, the show was open to professional golfers only and we certainly met some great characters as they tried it out.  One person who tried out the device was a Remax World Long Drive Hopeful, Eric Lunt. This is a guy that can drive a golfball 404yrds !!!  So obviously, as he is so powerful already, the mysp is not a product that would be useful to him right ?




After just 5 minutes of warming up with the Mysp, he decided to take the device off and see if our claims were true.  It was at this point that a crowd gathered and we were treated to a display of hitting bombs !!  Hitting into a very stiff wind, Eric was consistantly hitting big big deep drives that just seemed to defy gravity and the laws of physics as we know them, with carries well over the 350-360 yrd mark he turned from the hitting mat, smiled, and then waxed lyrical for around 15 minutes about how great the product was and how the feeling of stored power and connection that the device gave him was nothing short of spectacular and in a windless condition, he felt he would be bombing his 404yrd mark with ease.  A great great endorsement if ever there was one, if the Mysp can improve the power, consistency and dispersion of a top golfer like Eric then for the average club golfer, who struggles to deliver the club on a consistant plane and strike, the results will be stunning. 

The rest of the demo day passed in a kind of blur as we had so much attention from people wanting to know more about the device. All in all, a great start to what promises to be a great week in sunny Orlando and with praise ringing in our ears, we looked forward to the first proper day of the show at the convention centre.   Game on !!!!

Gary Smith’s Game Changer Tip # 4 – See it, Feel it, Do it!

POSTED ON January 25th  - POSTED IN Golf Swing Tips

Work on a pre-putt ritual that delivers the strike of the ball within 8-12 seconds of arriving at your final decision of line and pace.

Short term memory weakens by 20% every 8 seconds, so don’t delay, follow Rory McIlroy’s lead and see it, feel it and once you’ve decided DO IT!

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Reproduced courtesy of Gary Smith AFPGA Golf Professional –




Gary Smith’s Game Changer Tip #3 – Around the Green Think Right Hand only

POSTED ON January 20th  - POSTED IN Golf Swing Tips

For all short game shots, including bunkers, the right hand is dominant in delivering the clubhead and bounce (the sole) under the ball; the left hand is just a passenger.

If your grip tension is only 1 out of 10 in the left hand and never more than 3 out of 10 in the right hand, the clubhead can be released creating effortless speed.

The loft can then be delivered, the bounce can help you slide the club under the ball and you won’t have to drive the grip to create clubhead speed which is main cause of poor striking and difficulty with distance control.

Reproduced courtesy of Gary Smith AFPGA Golf Professional –







Gary Smith’s Game Changer tip #2 – Knees over Toes for Stability and Coil

POSTED ON January 13th  - POSTED IN Golf Swing Tips

Knees Over Toes for Stability and Coil

For any full swing, set up with your feet slightly turned out and your knees apart, pointing in line with your feet. This strong, athletic posture stabilises the pelvis and allows you to coil your upper body on top of your lower half and at the same time stay in balance. The perfect launch pad for power and consistency.


Reproduced courtesy of Gary Smith AFPGA Golf

Orlando PGA Show – 23rd – 26th January – here we come!

POSTED ON January 12th  - POSTED IN Blog, Shows and Demo Days

MySP Golf will be exhibiting at the PGA Show in Orlando this month, any pros visiting wishing to improve their swing check us out

Just watched the video about “MYSP” the training aid and it is absolutely a great idea. As a teaching pro myself I have learned the most important factor in a training aid is to allow the golfer to experience the difference in feel between a correct action and an incorrect action. That is effective feedback which produces effective long lasting learning. Too many training aids force a result by being too restrictive. This one is a great asset to the game. Well Done! Posted by Ken Hanley via LinkedIn



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